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To Financial Inclusion for Women

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In places where people live on a few dollars a day, where almost no one has electricity, where you're lucky to have access to clean drinking water ... women face abysmal odds.

With a small loan, they could transform their hand-to-mouth existence into a sustainable lifestyle. But they are the world's forgotten people, living in remote, faraway places where traditional banks just don't exist ... or women are treated as if they don't exist.

That's where FINCA comes in.

By making small loans to women, we help them start or expand small businesses that provide a steady source of income and help them become financially independent—giving them the resources to keep food on the table, their children in school, and their destiny in their own hands.

Sign on and join thousands of others committed to standing with women entrepreneurs and supporting their financial inclusion so they can make a better life for themselves, their families, and their communities.

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I support financial inclusion of women around the world so they can take control of their lives, grow their small businesses, and improve their standard of living.

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