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Help us call on the World Bank to build its commitment to Mobile Banking as part of its Universal Financial Inclusion 2020 campaign.

The World Bank agrees that delivering basic financial tools to the 2 billion people around the world who don’t have them is an essential element to fighting global poverty.

Mobile Banking is an innovative opportunity for low income people in remote areas to use mobile phones to access much needed financial services, such as managing account balances or transferring funds.

Mobile Banking is already making a difference for thousands of FINCA clients. By cutting out the need to visit a distant FINCA branch, Mobile Banking saves time and money—and it’s opening the door for us to offer services to a much larger pool of potential clients waiting for their opportunity to build a better life.

Sign our Petition to World Bank President David R. Malpass calling on him to build the bank’s commitment to Mobile Banking.


To:  David R. Malpass
        President, World Bank

 I enthusiastically support the World Bank’s call for Universal Financial Inclusion by 2020.

As a supporter of FINCA, I understand how essential access to basic financial services like credit and savings accounts is in helping struggling families around the world build brighter futures.

Achieving Universal Financial Inclusion by 2020 will require continued investments in Mobile Banking—an innovative approach used by FINCA and the World Bank that enables low-income people in remote areas to access financial services using mobile phones and other modern technologies.

I encourage you as President of the World Bank to continue your commitment to this revolutionary approach to fighting global poverty to meet the 2020 deadline.

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